Monday, April 22, 2002

delaware reacts to HP case
The Mercury News has an article on the Hewlett vs. Hewlett-Packard trial to be held in Delaware's Chancery Court on Tuesday called HP case ready for justice, Delaware-style. It does a nice job of summing up Delawareans reactions to the dispute. The article also mentions the Sussex County tradition of Return Day, but doesn't go into much detail. It's a tradition that began in 1792, and involved the winners and losers of Delaware elections gathering together two days after an election to find out the results, and to bury the hatchet, and begin the healing process:
In modern times, when election results are often known before the polls close, Return Day serves as a reminder to all Sussex Countians of their past. An ox roast with free sandwiches to the public has replaced the possum and rabbit but craftsmen and vendors still hawk their wares. A large parade still highlights the celebration, but now the victorious candidates and their former opponents ride together in open horse drawn carriages and convertibles in the spirit of cooperation for the good of the citizens.
It's a tradition that litigants in corporate disputes could learn from.

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