Saturday, March 09, 2002

the superior court funding saga continues...
Several weeks ago I brought to this dim light that the crisis of a lack of funding for state funded legal representation was much more serious than reported. As is typically done, there was a temporary band-aid thrown at one case, and it was suggested to us that the problem is at least temporarily fixed.

Today we have another case before us that was delayed for a similar reason.


There is a never ending line of cases waiting to move through the courts. You cannot solve a system-wide problem by writing a check on one case.

And still, no one has yet acknowledged the plight of the mentally ill and their even more poorly paid attorneys and the Black v. Black attorneys. Yes, I am one of them. And yes, if there were an increase in the payments I would be a likely recipient. If I weren't directly involved I probably wouldn't know about that aspect of this crisis.

Like, apparently, the rest of the State.

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