Saturday, March 16, 2002

house of commons has soul
Alicia Keys played the House of Commons across the Atlantic, in a meeting of music and politics. The event left voters happy, and some politicians, and staff, cross.

While there were some ruffled feelings, and some concern about the commercialization of a political process, the real victors were the members of the House who got to experience first hand the power of music to bridge gaps between the politicians and the people they represent.
After the event, Mr Lammy denied he had broken any rules and instead argued that Parliament should make an effort to be "a little more modern, a bit more hip, a bit more relevant to young people."

"This is a young woman who sings from the heart about neighbourhoods like mine. This House is a House for the people," he added.

"And because I'm the youngest MP, I choose to do things in my way," he said. "I'm not here to promote the status quo."
And you know, it's not your fellow politicians who reelect you, it's your constituents. I'd love to see a younger politician in Delaware make an effort like this to reach out to the people he or she represents.

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