Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Case in point, the entry immediately below this one(about trusts), which is the first blog entry to point to a page somewhere else on this site. There's nothing wrong with that in itself, but while Larry was making the entry, I was submitting the Delaware Law Office news page to the Blogdex add-site page. The idea behind Blogdex is that weblogs have a tendency to pick up on news stories as fast, or faster than traditional news sources. The Blogdex site goes out to blogs and looks at the links they have added recently to see which are the most linked stories or pages for a particular day.

While at almost the same time that Larry was creating his entry, I was reading the following from the blogdex page:

"what sorts of sites should not be added?

sites that have static content, or focus only on internal documents will be of little use to the system. blogdex looks only at the difference in content of a website over time; if your website is static, then nothing will ever be added to our database. furthermore, we only consider outward links, or links that point to sites outside your own. if you only link to content inside your own website, then your website will not affect our statistics here. if you are unsure in any case, please submit it and we will help you make that decision."

Hopefully they will overlook our first interior link on the blog, and include us in their data. Interested in seeing the most popular places linked to by weblogs registered with Blogdex? Here's their top 25 recent links in the weblog community
- William Slawski

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