Friday, November 09, 2001

The 250 Million Dollar Sting, and still rising. Many of us donated to what we thought was a fund for the victims of the September 11th attacks. What we are now learning is that the American Red Cross is trying to embezzle more than 250 Million Dollars from this trust fund, and divert the funds to other uses. Regardless as to whether the other uses might be philanthropic, it does not justify the theft. Would it not be a crime if someone broke into your house to steal your belongings just to donate them to the GoodWill? Surely we have always held the Red Cross in high regard and trust. And to a large extent, I am sure that the trust we had in the Red Cross had a lot to do with the generous donations to this particular fund. Unfortunately for those persons who will have future needs for assistance from the Red Cross, that trust has been severely tarnished. The Washington Post announced today that the Red Cross is rethinking its position. I sure hope so. I sure hope our future view of the Red Cross doesn't look like this: Ouch

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