Monday, November 05, 2001

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Fact Sheets are extremely informative and cover many different aspects about protecting your privacy. While the site includes references to California law, many of the suggestions they make on various topics are often very good ones. Here are some of the subjects that they consider:

  • Wireless Communications: Cordless/Cellular Phones and Pagers

  • Telemarketing: Whatever Happened to a Quiet Evening at Home?

  • How Private Is My Medical Information?

  • How Private Is My Credit Report?

  • From Cradle to Grave: Government Records and Your Privacy

  • Coping with Identity Theft: What to Do When an Imposter Strikes

  • Privacy in Cyberspace: Rules of the Road for the Information Superhighway

  • Children in Cyberspace

  • Online Shopping Tips

- William Slawski

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