Saturday, September 05, 2009

Wondering Where Your Tax Dollars Go? For Shame List

Here is a list of the Superintendents for the 19 school districts that we suffer under in Delaware. By having 19 districts in an area that should at most have 3, we are wasting millions of our tax dollars, and allowing these individuals to take the money that was intended to be spent on our childrens' education. I don't know any of these people personally. I am sure that many of them are nice people. But while they continue to skim the life out of our education system, they should be held accountable. I post this here ( as found on the State's website ) with the intent that they be shamed into doing what is right... that they work together to eliminate their jobs for the betterment of the State and our children.

For Shame!

List of District Superintendents

Name Phone
Marchio, Tony J., Ed.D. 302-376-4128
Brandenberger, Andy , Ed.D. 302-793-5000
Fitzgerald, Kevin , Ed.D. 302-697-2173
Stone, George E., Ed.D. 302-645-6686
Thomas, Michael D., Ed.D. 302-672-1556
Lyles, Marcia V., Ed.D. 302-552-2600
Meney, George H., Ed.D. 302-323-2710
Ring, Jr., David C., Ed.D. 302--84-6-95
Bunting, Susan S., Ed.D. 302-436-1000
Curry, Daniel D., Ed.D. 302-284-3020
McCoy, John W., Ed.D. 302-875-6013
Kanter, Sharon G. 302-422-1607
Godowsky, Steven H., Ed.D. 302-995-8051
Sole, Dianne G., Ed.D. 302-697-2170
Daugherty, Mervin B., Ed.D. 302-552-3702
Knorr, Russell H., Ed.D. 302-629-4587
Wicks, Deborah D. 302-653-8585
Savini, Patrick E., Ed.D. 302-856-2542
Carson, Kevin E., Ed.D. 302-337-7990

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Unknown said...

Apparently the Delaware Sate Auditor State Auditor R. Tom Wagner Jr. agrees with you Larry. According to a report issued by his office this past summer, Wagner suggests consolidating the 19 Delaware public school districts.

The News Journal article published on June 2, 2009, Auditor's report: Superintendent salaries inflated (PDF), also lists the salaries of the superintendents you provided the phone numbers for.