Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Summer Sandwich Spread

I have been workin on different ways to utilize the abundance of peppers that I have this year, and last night I developed a decent sandwich spread (I used it as a wrap filler):

12 Jalepeno Peppers
1/2 of an Habanero Pepper
1 Bell Pepper
several various other peppers
half cup of finely chopped onion
one package of cream cheese
3 thin/medium slices of ripe tomato

Clean all of the peppers.
Put everything into a food processor (may have to do it in several parts, depending upon the size of your food processor... mine is small so it took 3 parts). Process untill all the pepper parts are finely chopped and well integrated into the mixture.

Salt and pepper to taste.

I am thinkin that it will go well with a white meat sandwich.

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