Friday, September 18, 2009

Line Up, Take your Meds, Shuffle out the Door...

I received notice that it was time to renew my home supply of government anti-radiation medication, for emergency home use. Delaware's Department of Emergency Management, issues Potassium Iodide to those folks who live or work near a nuclear hazard (Salem Nuclear Plant).

It reminds me of when I was lined up with the other soldiers and given numerous inoculations for such things as Bubonic Plague. That's when I was horrified to learn that the plague was alive in well in Colorado, along with a gazillion tons of chemical warfare agents that I was about to guard.

Then also it reminds me of the pouch of antidotes that I had to carry strapped to my leg, for nerve agent poisoning, or anything else that made me fall over and twitch.

Well, here I am. Line me up again. Give my meds and ship me out the door. Just don't forget to sound the alarm system when Salem leaks, so that I have a chance to bail before I absorb too many rads.

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