Thursday, October 21, 2004

Watching the Disney Trial

You don't need to be in Georgetown, Delaware, to watch the Disney trial presently happening in Chancery Court.

There's a webcast available for anyone who would like to see the events of the trial unfold. Courtroom Connect is providing free access for up to 50 simultaneous viewers from outside of Delaware, and unlimited simultaneous access for Delaware Residents. If there are more than 50 viewers watching at the same time from outside of the state, there is a fee of $10 for those outside of Delaware to view the broadcast for the day. Details are on their site at: Disney trial webcast

The free webcasts are time delayed. They are also providing realtime viewing for a fee.

I haven't tried the service yet, but will probably give it a shot sometime tomorrow.

The first of three planned witnesses for the share holders testified today on whether the record reflected that the board discussed the hiring and subsequent firing of the president of the company, Michael Ovitz.

This is the first time that a Delaware Court has made a webcast available to the public.

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