Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"So, are you a lawyer yet?"

A big thank you to everyone who has congratulated me on passing the bar and an answer to the question, "So, are you a lawyer yet?" The answer: not quite yet. As per Supreme Court Rule 52(a)(8), I have to complete a five month clerkship ( . Also, under Supreme Court Rule 52(a)(1) ( , I have to have "good moral character and reputation."

Well, I'm making a lot of progress on my clerkship checklist and I will post the details of that in the coming weeks. Also, I had my Character and Fitness interview (there were no jumping jacks or sit-ups involved) which was surprisingly painless. The Character and Fitness board member that interviewed me gave me a bit of a ribbing about a speeding ticket that I got a few years ago, but I otherwise passed with flying colors. There was a laugh at the expense of my Duck-torate degree ( from the Walt Disney World College Program.

So as long as all continues to go well, I will be sworn in to practice in the State of Delaware on December 10, 2004. Then I will officially be a lawyer that is licensed to practice law.

Kevin S. Mann

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