Sunday, October 17, 2004

Delaware's Official State Ghosts

Somehow I didn't expect to see ghost stories on the State of Delaware's web site.

But then, I hadn't realized that the Governor's Mansion, Woodburn, is haunted.

According to some stories about the Woodburn Ghosts, the noncorporeal inhabitants of the house love their wine, and at least one former Delaware governor went on record as having seen a ghost emptying a decanter. Guests to the inauguration party of former Governor Mike Castle also described an encounter with a ghost.

A list of the owners and occupants of the mansion notes that Governor Minner is only the second of Delaware's governors to make the house their primary residence. I haven't located any tales of Governor Minner and the ghosts of Woodburn.

I'm not sure that it's a topic that she would want to discuss during an election year either. Maybe we will get to hear more after Return Day.

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