Wednesday, June 25, 2003

a little too connected

I've been managing to avoid getting a cell phone. I just don't want to be that connected to the world. But, it looks like it will be an unavoidable piece of technology. Or will it be?

I remember the "reasonable expectation of privacy" cases in law school over the content of telephone messages. But, what if it's location and not content that someone is interested in uncovering? The latest issue of Legal Affairs is filled with some great articles. One that captured my attention quickly was called Your Cellphone is a Homing Device. It defines possibilities as technology becomes more capable of infringing upon privacy:
No federal statute is keeping your wireless provider from informing Dunkin' Donuts that your visits to Starbucks have been dropping off and you may be ripe for a special coupon offer. Nor are cops explicitly required to obtain a judicial warrant before compiling a record of where you sneaked off to last Thursday night.
Speaking of technology and privacy, has anyone seen wallets for sale that have aluminum foil lining to block the radio frenquency identification tag in my work badge? Since I'm asking for shopping advice, I might as well also inquire about recommendations on shoes that don't trigger walk-through metal detectors?

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