Thursday, June 12, 2003

Cooch's Bridge, then and now

The State of Delaware has taken steps, 6,750,000 steps actually, to preserve part of Delaware and U.S. history. At the site of the the only Revolutionary War land battle in Delaware, and the first land battle in the war [decent pictures dude!] at which the stars and stripes were unfurled, is Cooch's Bridge and the Cooch House. It is more than a traffic snarl, and a dangerously narrow rush hour funnel. It is a unique and important site, just ask the Daughters of the American Revolution. I look forward to its preservation and to the opportunity to visit it as a State Park.

The Cooch House, 1936
Historic American Buildings Survey W. S. Stewart, Photographer

And the Cooch family relevance in Delaware did not end there. Descendants are still prominent in Delaware. Case in point, New Castle County Superior Court Resident Judge, The Honorable Richard R. Cooch. Time, Delaware, and the Cooch family, march on.

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