Thursday, June 05, 2003

in the public domain

I've signed the petition to Reclaim the Public Domain in support of the Public Domain Enhancement Act.

While I was there, I looked through some of the other signatures of folks who put their names on the document. There's a section called "Something I Created Using Public Domain Work" which allows people to write about their efforts to improve our society by using ideas and works from the public domain.

I grabbed some links to those, and want to share them. There's some awesome stuff amongst them, and these were just taken from the first 5,000 or so signers. If you've created anything from the public domain, you might want to go and show your support. You'll be in good company. I had so many links that I'm publishing some of them here, and some of them over on my other blog.

Translation: The Cry of Merlin the Wise
Dorothea Salo’s translation of a text from 1498, about a mage named Merlin.

The Oyez Project
is a dazzling multimedia approach to the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Symbology for the Cathedral
I didn't know that there was a Cathedral underneath Central Park. This Arcanum Project is spooking me out.

Giant World History Timeline Chart
I really want this for my wall. But first, I think I have to get a bigger wall.

The Book of Dzyan
Russian psychic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky kind of scares me. She has a pretty intense stare.

appears to marry ecards and old photos, and you're going to be wondering just where in the world they got some of those photos.

The Freenet Project
An interesting type of software that allows encrypted surfing.

Internet Moving Images Archives
everytime I visit the Prelinger Archives, I come away wanting a bigger, faster computer with lots of video editing software so that I can make my own collages of films.

Berkman Center's H2O Project
Harvard is using this set of software projects to build community, and aid education.

Apache Software Foundation
open source software projects.

Some neat stuff, and that's only a few of them.

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