Wednesday, September 11, 2002

happy belated birthday BackRub

Since we've been talking about birthdays here, I like to offer belated best wishes to the creators of the search engine formerly known as BackRub. Four years ago, on September 7th, a couple of young programmers who had developed the search engine BackRub, created a corporation for their business. They may or may not have wanted to create a corporation at that time, but the check they had received for $100,000 as an investment from Andy Bechtolsheim at Sun Microsystems was made out to a business name, rather than to either of them. And, it was burning a hole in one of their desk drawers for two weeks before they actually created the business. The check was made out to Google, Inc. (link via Kim Krause over at cre8pcblog) (some pictures of how Google celebrates)

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