Thursday, September 26, 2002

Automated Parking at the New Courthouse Understands Welsh?

The new courthouse in Wilmington has an automated parking payment system. When you leave, you can use a machine to pay your parking fare. It's a pretty convenient setup, if a bit on the expensive side for Delaware. The machines can be operated in a couple of languages other than English. But the choices of languages is somewhat perplexing. Spanish makes sense, as one of the fastest growing languages in the United States. But Welsh?

I wanted to make certain that I wasn't missing something, so I did a little research on the net. I'm unaware of a large contingent of people from Wales in Delaware, even though there is a Welsh Society of Delaware. It's possible that the machines were manufactured in Wales, and the choice is a default setting that hasn't been changed. So, if you need to visit the new courthouse, be careful about which buttons you push when you're paying for parking. Welsh just doesn't look like an easy language to learn or understand.