Monday, October 22, 2001

Perjury in the Courtroom, when will it end? It is an all too common occurrence for litigants to lie, while under oath, in Family Court trials. And when clear documentation is then presented to refute this lie, it is very uncommon for any consequence to befall the perjurer. Is it because everyone in the courtroom has a different job description, none of which includes prosecuting the crime of perjury? Is it because Family Court is such a pit of misery, that we just want to get this case behind us and go home?

A person is guilty of perjury in the first degree when the person swears falsely and when the false statement consists of testimony and is material to the action, proceeding or matter in which it is made. Perjury in the first degree is a class D felony.

The law sets forth this crime, and yet it is largely ignored. And in ignoring this crime, we participate in the degrading of the integrity of the system of laws, and the confidence of the populace in our courts. I for one, hereby pledge, to personally file a criminal complaint the next time I am a witness to this variety of felony. Will anyone join me?

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