Monday, October 29, 2001

Interested in finding out more about Delaware's nonprofit organizations? DANA is the Delaware Association of Nonprofit Associations. It's also a useful site if you're interested in starting up or running a nonprofit organization in Delaware. For instance, here's the type of information you can see in the section they have on finding volunteers:

Frequently Asked Questions Volunteer Management Links
  • Volunteer recruitment that really works.

  • How do we develop creative volunteer roles?

  • Volunteer job description worksheet.

  • Community resources to recruit volunteers.

  • Recruiting volunteers from your current "Circle of Resources."

  • How do we build a stronger staff/volunteer partnership?

  • How do we find daytime volunteers?

  • Where should we place our volunteer ads?

  • Sample volunteer advertising ideas.

  • Sample Volunteer Procedure & Policy Manual

  • Directory of Volunteer Management Software.

They also cover topics like grants, tradeshows, building a website, jobs, donors, and risk management. Their magazine, called "Good Cause" is filled with articles that can keep you informed of what's going on in Delaware's nonprofit sector, and a listing of volunteer opportunites in their Random Acts of Kindness section.
William Slawski

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