Wednesday, October 10, 2001

From the "unsafe at any speed" department comes an expose from the archives of Mother Jones. The story of a coverup regarding a Ford Motor Company car saw light in 1977. In Pinto Madness, secret documents are described which show that Ford was aware of a risk that would result in hundreds of people burning to death. A friend had one of these cars, until it spontaneously combusted in a parking lot in Newark, Delaware a few years back. Makes you think about some of the recalls we've been seeing with tires lately.

A different look at preserving archives of past artistic and literary works can be found in an essay called Copy Protection Robs The Future.

If you've never read the Clue Train Manifesto, and you're running your own business, but not reaching out to customers on the internet, you might want to spend some time perusing the 95 Theses of the manifesto. At least one of them will give you an idea or two about how you might want to conduct business differently.

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