Monday, March 08, 2010

None Of The Above

Many folks, including myself, are sick and tired of the partisan politics that has stagnated our government.  I refer to both primary parties.  It seems that almost all we hear regarding the federal political process is bickering, fear mongering, and name calling.  Isn't it time that we sent our people in Washington a message, that they should get back to the work that we sent them to perform?

When I see international news stories about "radical" this and "radical extremist" that, I now for the first time see echoes of this type of behaviour within our own country.  I hear myself talking to the television, saying... "you can't really believe that.... right?".  We have a fair number of our own radical extremists.  We should learn to recognize them and keep their rhetoric out of the governmental process of this, our government.

I think we need two things:  first, we need to get at least one more political party, preferrably two more, significantly placed in national government.  We need to do this to bust up the dog and pony show that the two primary parties have placed on stage for us;  secondly, we need to vote the radical extremists out of office, and put people in there who are there to do a job.

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Ohio Health said...

I agree. This pending health care bill is a classic example. Just one party pitted against the other.

As has been suggested, just starting from the beginning and picking out points of agreement would be a nice start.