Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Disorder or lacking order

In a human resource position or hiring position, there will be tinges of worry about current and prospective employees. Now pyshcological diorders may be included as a new battlefield in the future for companies. Already, the American Psychiatric Assocation is propsing to include binge eating and excess gambling to the list of psychiatric disorders that will be in the DSM-5 publishing 2013. If this occurs employers may have to redefine disabililty in their work place. My perspective is that these are problems but I do not believe they are to the point of a disability. This is going to be a significant legal issue because employers may have to look back into their employees' health and finacial history, to see if they have the new types of disabilities. There could be whole new costs to employers arising from the testing for these disorders and payments for accomodations. The new work setting will make it harder on employers to do the normal hiring of new staff and to evaluat their current staff if binge eating and excessive gambling become certifies as disorders.


Personal Injury Information Oregon said...

Many would argue that mental illnesses are not recognized as often as they should be. With that said its hard to believe excessive gambling or binge eating could be considered disabilities. What happens if the company is already offering voluntary help for these disorders?

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