Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Verizon phones

This is year is the year of smartphones. Verizon Wireless has two new phones for this year that show how promising mobile business is now. The Blackberry Storm2 is an all touch screen phone that allows business to be taken international with its mobile e-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications on the phone, and ability to navigate any business person overseas. The Motorola Droid is the new competition for the IPhone will all of the applications that it offers, the ability to do multiple tasks at once, and Android 2.0 from Google that is on the phone. I have just recently gotten a Blackberry Tour as my new phone. This phone allows me to take pictures, write a report and send that report in an e-mail to a teacher. I have learned about applications in a phone through my new phone. As technology advances so does the ability for business.

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manny said...

yes almost every day there are model of phone that's coming out and new applications are always added to new phones, now our phones can do the task of a computer like for example connect to the web. every day technology give way to the improvement of present life making every day easier through commnunication via phone..