Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Since the holidays are over, I have been doing some evaluations. I have found that my estate is little more than a bed, car, clothes, and some furniture. I have noticed I have a very small amount in savings and no degrees under my belt. All of this evaluating has shown I am a hard worker that does not care about material things. This new year I will become more materialistic and chose to obtain things that I need for my future.


Andy said...

Agree with ya. It's good to be materialistic. The old adage goes "Money can't buy happiness," but people usually mean "Material goods can't buy happiness." Spending time with the wife and kids on a camping getaway costs money, but it's the kind of spending that is worthwhile and fulfilling. At least, that's the conventional wisdom. "Most people think materialism is not a good thing" they are wrong.


Ed H. said...

Some of our best family times involved vacations to SC. Expensive, but the kids loved the beach and my son golfed. Heaven!