Tuesday, December 01, 2009

School District Merger the Right Choice for Delaware

Excellent - the State Auditor (as reported by the News Journal) agrees that we are wasting 50 Million Dollars a year on surplus high paid school administrators, money we could spend on our children, or save from our taxes! It's a tune I have been playing for years, now it's a harmony! Let's see if we can get the State Legislature to make it a Chorus!

I love the opposition argument! It is awesome! The critics say that if we consolidated the districts, we would have to raise the teachers' salaries up to what they should be anyway, and that that would eat away most of the 50 million in savings. Like that's a bad thing!

The only bad thing would be to continue to allow these totally unnecessary and high paid people to leech the funds from our educational system, the children, teachers, nurses, sports and band programs, et al.

Way to go, State Auditor R. Thomas Wagner Jr.! - - applause - -

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