Saturday, October 17, 2009

In Defense of Weather

Almost every day I hear our media announce that... weather caused traffic accidents, death, and injuries on our highways. These are false and slanderous unsupported accusations. I feel compelled to take up the unpopular defense of our weather systems. Even if Pro Bono.

We human drivers of our highways have the responsibility to use due care in the operation of motor vehicles. The weather has no such duty. We have the affirmative responsibility to slow down and drive more cautiously in adverse weather conditions. It is not the fact that our weather must slow down for us!

The injuries and death on our highways for the most part are due to human negligence and reckless behaviour. And yet many of us and our media, continue to malign and blame our innocent weather systems for this carnage. I can no longer stand idly by while this misdirection of responsibility is splashed about our communication networks, spreading and instilling the insidious lack of personal responsibility which has infected our culture.

I will see you in Court!

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