Friday, February 22, 2008

Zoomed by a Satellite?

We have been seeing the news reports of how the Navy performed a wonderful feat, by destroying a disabled spy satellite with a missile shot from the USS Lake Erie. If our troops did that, they deserve a "high five". I support our troops. Its a shame that the civilian part of the government casts such a large shadow of incredibility that it touches on our guys and gals in the trenches.

Maybe I've been watching too much TV, but I am skeptical of anything that our current government tells us. With the erosion of civil rights for our native citizens in the guise of 911 reprisals, and the cascade of lies that have been thrown at us, I am more likely to believe one of the following scenarios than the one publicized :

A. A foreign power has placed an offensive military satellite with a nuclear or biological payload into orbit. The US decides to destroy it; or

B. The US has botched up something very badly in a scientific NASA project, and decided to shoot it down rather than become embarrassed by it.

The story presented by the goverment portrays the government in a responsible, eco-friendly, light, cleaning up some cold war mess. It portrays a highly effective missile defense system, that most assuredly will need more funding in the near future.

The portrayal just doesn't jive with the government that I have come to know. I love our country. I served in the armed forces. But I hate being treated like a mushroom. GW has been spreading manure around us for so long now, I expect this is just another load.

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