Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adventures of a New Homeowner

Last month I went to settlement on my first home. It was not a brand new house of my dreams, but rather an older home with tons of potential. Now it is up to me to take it from home with potential to home of my dreams. Perhaps I am being overly optimistic, but I think I can do it. However, every time I look at my little castle, all I can see is a list of things to be done. This is the tale of the first item on the list—dealing with the old paneling that is EVERYWHERE in my house. I understand that there was a time period when wood paneling was all the rage, but it is even on the ceiling in my dining room. How could anyone have ever thought that wood paneling on a ceiling was a good idea???

This weekend, hammer and pry bar in hand, I started the task of pulling down the heinous GREEN paneling that was on one wall of my office. Two boo-boos, lots of cursing, and 4 hours later my room was liberated of the nasty green paneling. The job itself was not bad. However, looking at the walls under the paneling with the 5 or 6 layers of old wallpaper dating back to the 1950s, all of the nail holes, and the remaining glue that held the paneling up, I am rethinking my strategy. Since applying new drywall to every room of the house is not an option for me (nasty drywall allergy and big swollen cartoon hands), I did some researching to see what else could be done.

In the course of my research I came across three methods that did not seem so bad:
1. Covering Paneling With Drywall Compound
2. Paint Wood Paneling
3. Transform wood paneling using wallpaper to cover grooves

I was wondering, though, if anyone reading this had any good suggestions (short of blowing up the house and starting again) for dealing with hideous wood paneling.

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