Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spreading the Yankee hate...

Richard Roberts, Jr., Esquire of Roberts & Roberts, a New Jersey intellectual property firm, pointed me towards an article about a case that he is working on. Rich is a big New York Yankees fan, but he's working against the Bronx Bombers on this one.

A Red Sox fan named Mike Moorby has decided to fight back against the high and mighty New York Yankees. He created a company to sell hats and shirts with his Yankees Hater logo. Now the "Evil Empire" is saying that his logo, a Y and H with devil horns, is infringing upon their trademarked NY logo. The case is scheduled to go before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board before the end of the year.

I have to admit to being a Yankees hater myself, so I can't help but root for Mr. Moorby. But, as a lawyer, I think that he is right. There should be no confusion between his logo and the Yankees' logo and it should be obvious to consumers that they are not purchasing Yankees Hater hats directly from the New York Yankees.

You can purchase Yankee Hate gear at . I might have to get myself one of those Baltimore hats.

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