Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Making a federal case of Delaware's prisons

The Wilmington News Journal reports this morning that the US Department of Justice will be taking a very close look at Delaware's prison system.

We've been hearing about inadequate health care at the Delaware facilities for many months now, and other issues surrounding Delaware's prisons. While it's sad that the federal government has to step in, it's good to hear that they are.

Amnesty International has also leveled criticism of the treatment of women in Delaware's correctional institutions. In addition to a report on the treatment of pregnant women in prisons, they also look closely at specific Delaware issues (pdf) involving Custodial Sexual Misconduct and pregnancy in custody.

The practices we've been hearing about in Delaware's prisons through the News Journal paint a grim and inhumane picture of how people are being treated once entrusted to the State's care. Prisoners and citizens alike deserve better from their government. Let's hope that this is the start.

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