Sunday, October 16, 2005


This has been a weekend of traditions for me... and a very nice one.

There's a number of downstate traditions dealing with food. One I have a particular fondness for is the oyster fry fundraiser. I like to always attend the one in Camden-Wyoming, in February (at Caesar Rodney High School). This weekend we added some variety by chowing down in Marydel at an oyster-fry/chicken-and-dumpling combo dinner (at the Immaculate Conception Church). Nice.

Today we walked for cancer research. It is a wonderful tradition. There were thousands of men, women, children, and pets attending at the Wilmington Riverfront. It was a beautiful walk for a great cause.

I hope that cancer research continues to progress until that one day when this tradition will no longer be necessary. Maybe then we can still walk that pleasant route, but just for exercise and pleasure.

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