Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cutting the Medicaid budget by 10 Billion Dollars

Our federal lawmakers are reportedly wrangling over cutting the Medicaid budget by 10 Billion dollars over the next 10 years. Some legislators want the full Katrina bill to come from the Medicaid budget. Others, say that this is just an excuse to gut Medicaid now, when previous efforts to do this were unsuccessful.

Many folks are confused about "what Medicaid is". It is a needs based medical assistance program.

It will be interesting to track the flow of this money... from the medical needs of the poor... into the pockets of favored mega-contractors. Truly a reverse Robin Hood scenario.

The reality is that money for our government spending... since they are intent on spending... must come from somewhere. Deciding who pays for what is a major part of the political process. What a messy job our government makes of it. Perhaps it would be less messy if we wasted less? I found a pork cutter site that looks interesting.

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