Saturday, July 03, 2004

You Don't Need the Fourth of July to Have Fireworks

But, if you're going to have fireworks in the State of Delaware, you're supposed to have a permit.

One section of the Delaware Code which covers the use of Fireworks, describes how the permit process is supposed to work.

The Law Office is located about three miles from the Maryland State line, and some enterprising folks have been taking advantage of differences in State laws at that border for years. I took a journey into Maryland earlier today, and drove past a couple of temporary fireworks stands which sprung forth from the ground seemingly overnight. The liquor stores just across that border have been making Sunday sales for years, I suspect to many Delawareans, before Delaware recently allowed liquor sales on Sundays. There was a time in the past when those Maryland stores were also able to sell beer and wine to people over 18, when the legal drinking age limit in Delaware was 21.

Delaware's lack of a sales tax, and slot machines seem to bring many folks across that line into Delaware. Interesting how differences in state laws can affect people who live near borders.

Be careful, and have a great Fourth of July.

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