Monday, September 15, 2003

Who pays for a cleaner Delaware?

The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays was set up by the Delaware Legislature in 1994, and its mission has been to "to oversee and facilitate the implementation of a long-term approach for the wise use and enhancement of the Inland Bays' Watershed."

The Agency is seeking to build a new headquarters, and fundraising for the effort has sparked a bit of controversy. Should this public agency use money from developers to further their goals, or is that inappropriate? The mandate from the Delaware legislature to the Directors of the Center includes this line:
The Board shall be responsible for the procurement and administration of federal and private moneys secured to fulfill the responsibilities pursuant to the protection and restoration of the Inland Bays' watershed.
My eyes are drawn to that word "Private." The legislation does't ask them to discriminate on the basis of where the money comes from. But, it's easy to understand the arguments against accepting money from developers who may have an interest in future actions of the Center.

Should they or shouldn't they?

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