Sunday, September 14, 2003

Delaware's history and old mysteries

Unearthing surprises in old New Castle, Delaware, doesn't seem like much of a shock. The location is rich in native folklore and hsitorical accounts. It's not only the location of two of the oldest recorded settlements in the state, and an early capitol, but also where William Penn first landed on North America.

If you look at Delaware on a map of the US, you'll notice an arc at the top of the state. If you were to try to find the center point of a circle that the arc might complete, it would point to an iron rod on top of the Courthouse in New Castle. An unknown and unanticipated cellar was discovered under the plaza to the building this summer. The Wilmington News Journal reports more in Unearthing history.

Another recent historic mystery in the First State involved a tombstone in an unusual place.

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