Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta testifies on the influence of organized crime in the Indian film industry.

Associated Press columnist Rachel Beck explores why some businesses filing for bankruptcy hand out bonuses to managers and other executives.

In Japan, it appears that Ridiculous names work against their bearers. I'm puzzling over the opening line which states:
The Chinese characters people can use for personal names are limited to those specified by the government. Responding to wishes from the public, the Justice Ministry now seems set to add many more characters to the list to allow their use for given names.

A short blurb about Who Killed Woody Allen? describes how one theatrical troupe snared a victory from the jaws of defeat. More here, and the official site here.

An interesting look at a court revisiting settlement issues in a suit that involved the death of a professional wrestler who fell while making an entry into a ring suspended from a safety harness.

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