Thursday, February 14, 2002

black horse

February 12 started the chinese new year. A friend told me that this is an unlucky year for he and I (as we have the same birthday) is the year of the water horse or the black horse. I took the news with the skepticism I reserve for such things. Last night, as I was driving home with a large vase of flowers carefully perched on the back seat, I began to hear the water horse's hooves bearing down on me. It sounded like water pouring into the floor. It was. So today another accomplice helped me to research chinese astrology a little further. I found out that I am a brown pig, that my lucky element is metal, and that I've used it all up. Great.

But luck is not everything, Jenny T. Liu, M.A. says that I have paid my karma dues and that I will prosper in reputation beyond my expectations. She also predicts that I will travel frequently and eat well. That's not all bad.