Thursday, February 07, 2002

around the law

judicial battle

The first major judicial confirmation battle faced by the Bush administration? A New York Times opinion piece (free registration required) has less than flattering words about the nominee.

implanted chips

They want their ID chips now. About a family desperately wanting to be the first to have chips implanted in them, which can be detected up to four feet away by a special antenna. Scientifically, this chip technology is intriquing. Legally, it's more than a little frightening.

science behind the myth?

You've possibly read greek mythology, and came across a passage where an adventurer consulted with the Oracles at Delphi, to find his or her destiny. Geographic studies cast a new light on this subject, and raise the question, "were the Oracles at Delphi High?"

delaware's legal community has the blues

Make that Dem Courthouse Blues, as the director of the Delaware Community Legal Aid Society (CLASI) gathered together a number of Delaware attorneys and produced a cd to benefit the Society. Some features of the album include artwork by the talented Commissioner Mark Vavala, and Superior Court Judge Carl Goldstein playing guitar. CLASI provides free legal services to poor, disabled, or elderly residents in Delaware.

thumbnails are fair use

A federal District Court ruled that the image search company doing business as can continue to show thumbnails, or smaller renditions, of images used as links to a full-sized image's page of residence. However, a discussion of linking and framing without permission made it appear that the court wasn't keen on the concept of displaying someone else's work within a frame as if it were your own property.

harmless household tools?

Sometimes you come across something on the internet, and you find yourself wondering whether it's parody or not. I own plenty of tools, and yet when I go looking for a screwdriver, I can never seem to find the one I want when I need it. Maybe that's a tie-in to the next article, but I find myself questioning whether these folks are serious when they advocate the boycotting of screwdrivers. (And, by all means, watch out for those assault screwdrivers).


Will teleportation become something commonly used in our lifetimes? This could make some profound changes in the way we live.

- William Slawski