Tuesday, January 29, 2002

around the law

There's something sad about the "Spirit of Justice," and the "Majesty of the Law," being covered by curtains in the United States' Justice Department's Great Hall.

The definitive source for determining how to write a legal citation is commonly referred to as the bluebook becasue of the color of its binder. The actual name of the volume is the Introduction to Basic Legal Citation, and it is now available online.

USC Law School's Legal Resources on the Web includes a great collection of links to law related sites on the internet.

Orson Scott Card is one of today's premier writers of fantasy and science fiction. About fourteen years ago, he wrote a short story on the subject of censorship called Prior Restraint that looks at artistic expression, and its repression, in a unique manner.

I found out at today's City Council meeting for Newark, that former Delaware Governor Russell Peterson will be giving a speech on Wednesday evening at the Bacchus Theatre in the old University of Delaware Student Center, on the subject of the future of the United State's energy policy. I searched for the time of the presentation on the U of D website, but none was published. If I can locate it tomorrow, I will include it here. If you're in the Delaware area, and have an interest in the environment, this should be an interesting speech. Russell Peterson was the most environmentally conscious governor that Delaware has ever known, and he filled a number of other roles in striving to bring us a better world environmentally. He has been the head of the National Audobon Society, and served on a number of environmental posts in the White House, including chairman of the President's Council on Environmental Quality, and director of the Office of Technology Assessment of the United States Congress. He also served in leadership positions on a number of international environmental groups.
- William Slawski