Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Around the Law

Highlights of the Supreme Court's 2000-2001 Term

Nazi Saboteurs Captured! FDR Orders Secret Tribunal
The precedent for military tribunals and the treatment of al Qaeda prisoners.

'20/20'-backed DNA testing clears accused rapist, leads to new charges
Baltimore officials have been pushing for more money to conduct DNA tests in cases. The television newsprogram from ABC covered half the costs for DNA testing on 50 cases, leading to some results that might not otherwise have happened...

Fees for filing civil cases in Delaware will increase on February 1st
Justice of the Peace Courts haven't increased their fees for civil cases in almost a decade. Starting in two weeks, that will change. Other Delaware Courts are looking at fee increases also.

A bill imposing stricter penalties for DUI cases proposed
The amount of time that a license would be taken away from someone convicted under a Delaware DUI statute would increase under this proposed law. This would affect people with Blood Alcohol Contents (BAC) greater than .15, and would increase as the BAC level increased.
- William Slawski