Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PayPal Banned

We have recently decided that Paypal is insecure and not an acceptable means by which to engage in financial transactions. We came to this conclusion because of PayPal's totally inadequate handling of a fraudulent transaction. Therefore, PayPal will no longer be used on this site, nor at any of our related entities.


Anonymous said...


But what, in your opinion, does constitute an acceptable method of online payment?

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Larry said...

As long as there are reasonable and effective security precautions, there are a number of acceptable methods. A consumer should look at several factors, such as: the longevity and reputation of the primary vendor; the security certification of the web page on which the entry of confidential data is to be made; the credentials of the payment processor; the dispute resolution process of all involved in the transaction. In the past, I used PayPal as a tool to inject an additional security level into the sequence of the transaction. This is no longer effective for us, since PayPal has demonstrated clearly to us that it's dispute resolution process is a disgraceful sham.

Anonymous said...

only use Pay Pal if you don't mind your funds being seized for months. They are not subject to banking laws and have full control over your funds with no government oversight.

STILL USING... ah hell, what are you going to do...MO-NO-PO-LY

Anonymous said...

stop using paypal.. there are a number of reasons (security mostly) i would never even think about using them again

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