Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Delathought Ducks for Deep Cover

I was saddened today to see that a fellow Delaware Blogger has been forced to close his/her blogging. I was sad because of a sense of loss as to our right to freedom of speech.

For fear of reprisals, Delathought indicates that he/she must give up this right. When Delathought gives up this right each of us, you and I, lose a little of ours.

I don't know what the issue is - who Delathought is said to have exposed - and frankly I couldn't care less. Part of it seems like an ongoing drama of petty politics. And politics are so disgusting that I can't bear to read as much about it as I should, in the fulfillment of my civic duties.

As long as Delathought was lawfully and responsibly exercising this right, then I support it. If instead there was maliciousness involved, then by dang it's a good thing it stopped.

The free (and responsible) exercise of our rights to free speech is our most important defense from tyranny and oppression. And if you think that there are not those in our government that would leap at the opportunity to oppress us, then you just haven't been paying attention.

I for one, would rather see your blog up and running constructively criticizing me, than to see someone sink into silence for fear of reprisals upon family and friends. But I am sometimes a realist too, and if necessary to protect my family and friends I like to think I could bring myself to shut up. It's a balance of idealism and realism that we each must at some point strike.

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