Friday, February 10, 2006

Wikipedia in Washington: Delaware Representative Entries

Wikipedia is truly an incredible online project, where easily editable pages allow anyone to become involved in helping to maintain an online encyclopedia which has ambitions of becoming the most comprehensive ever.

A word of caution: because Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, you may come across information that isn't quite accurate. Instead of relying solely upon the encyclopedia as an authoritative resource, instead consider using it as a starting off point to conduct research.

Again, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone.

That's both its strength, and its weakness. Recently some of the edits have come from staffers from Capitol Hill offices in Washington, DC. Those edits haven't been unnoticed. Today's Wilmington News Journal takes a closer look at Delaware's role in changes to wikipedia pages with an article titled Biden staffers take Web bio entry into own hands.

In case you haven't seen them, and might even be interested in adding to the articles, here are links to the pages of Delaware's federal representatives:

Joe Biden

Tom Carper

Mike Castle

State level politicians also have entries in the wikipedia. Here's the entry for Delaware's Governor:

Ruth Ann Minner

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