Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Anna Nicole Smith's Probate Challenge Goes to the Supreme Court

In a probate case, it is unusual for the dispute to rise to the level of the U. S. Supreme Court. But in re the estate of J. Howard Marshall, it is happening, and in a big way. When so much money and publicity is involved, it seems that what is "normal", is no longer relevant.

ABC News(Quoting Rueters) shares the breaking story of Anna Nicole Smith and her battle with the son of the deceased.

It seems that Ms. Smith made a collateral attack in California federal courts seeking damages because of the way she was treated by the Marshall heir in the Texas probate matter. So technically it is not a probate issue before the US Supreme Court, but a question as to whether the federal courts would have jurisdiction to make such a collateral ruling.

I am still searching for copies of the pleadings and rulings to confirm my reading of the procedural history, as I gleaned it from the news articles.

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