Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Elvis and the Law

As a big Elvis Presley fan, it's hard to pass up on posting a story about an Elvis memorabilia law suit. According to a Yahoo News story, a New York man is being sued for submitting an eBay bid on a car formerly owned by the King and then refusing to pay, claiming that his daughter submitted the bid by accident.

The suit, which was filed in a Philadelphia District Court, is asking for the price of the bid ($245,000) plus damages of $150,000. However, the seller has agreed to settle at a smaller figure if the buyer issues an apology.

While most people know that Elvis was a Cadillac fan, this dispute revolves around a 1969 Mercedes. When I visted Graceland earlier this year, one of the more surprising exhibits was Elvis' car collection. Dozens of cars that he owned, including a few Cadillacs, were on display in a room the size of an airplane hanger. Also on display were go carts, dune buggys, and golf carts that Elvis and his buddies would race around the fields behind Graceland. My favorite of the lot was a purple convertible Cadillac that seemed about fifty feet long. I couldn't even imagine trying to parallel park that monster.

Hopefully, this case will stay in the news so that we can follow its progess.

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