Sunday, July 17, 2005

Delaware Wanted Persons Online

The state of Delaware has placed its database of people wanted by the Courts of Delaware online. The agency overseeing this information is the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System.

The Wanted Person Review contains over 50,000 warrants and writs of capias for people who have failed to appear for court, or who have had informations or indictments issued against them by one of Delaware's Courts, and is updated every 24 hours.

The offenses can range from speeding tickets to serious felony offenses. Will placing these names in public in this manner help the Courts and the State, by having the public able to search this information and contact authorities? It might. The Wilmington News Journal has more on the subject here: Del. posts 'wanted' ads on Internet

More than half of the warrants listed are for motor vehicle offenses, and another 4,200 are for people who are behind on child support payments. A writ of capias, or just "capias" as it is refered to within the Justice community, is an instruction to the Sheriff to bring someone before the court, and is issued when someone fails to appear in court for an event like an arraignment, or a trial, or sentencing, or may be automatically generated by one of the Justice of the Peace Courts when someone fails to pay Court costs or fines for something they have been found guilty of in that court.

Information about juveniles is not included in the database.

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