Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How Safe Is Your Childrens' School Bus Driver?

I was surprised to find that we shouldn't have much faith in our Delaware public school system's ability to screen school bus drivers.

Some of these drivers work for the school district, and some work for private bus companies which are contracted by the school District.

In either case, Delaware Law requires a record check.

Are these checks being done? The answer may surprise you. And if they are being done, what is happening when they find a record? What sort of record should disqualify a person from being a school bus driver?

How about convictions for :

Failure to Stop at a Red Light
Possession of Marijuana
Offensive Touching
Attempted Criminal Mischief
Reckless Driving
Patronizing a Prostitute
Resisting Arrest
Inattentive Driving
Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Would you want such a driver driving your children around? Our bus driver had all of those convictions.

A couple of years ago, the State of Georgia discovered their part of this problem. When will Delaware fix ours?


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