Friday, April 08, 2005

Child Support, Spousal Support, and Parent Support

An interesting but uncommonly used Delaware Law provides that we as parents may be required to support our children, even after they turn 18. In fact, the tables may at some point turn and have the children required to support their parents.

Title 13 of the Delaware Code, at Section 503, establishes a legal duty to support our spouses, parents and children, if they are a poor person and unable to support themselves.

The duty to support that person does not mean, however that we are necessarily responsible for their debts. A duty to support would mean that we would have a legal responsibility to contribute a certain amount of money to that person for their living expenses. This is different from saying that we have to pay off their credit cards or other debts.

It is important that each case be discussed and evaluated on its own merits with a Delaware lawyer who is proficient with this topic.

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