Thursday, May 27, 2004

Delaware's New Castle County Politics Gets Ugly with Indictment

In New Castle County, Delaware, the County Executive and his Chief Administrative Officer were indicted yesterday in a 47 page long indictment (pdf) in Federal District Court in Delaware.

There's been quite a bit of chatter about county politics the last couple of years, and I'd guess that the indictment might not be a surprise to anyone paying attention. The Wilmington News Journal has a number of articles today worth reading on the subject:

Gordon known for "simple hard work'

Freebery no stranger to controversy

Business goes on despite allegations

Janet Smith has followed parallel path

The headlines for the first News Journal article were in the largest front page type size I've seen in quite a while. I suspect that we will be seeing quite a lot of this tale in the local paper. I hope that whatever the outcome we can learn more about governing the county in a manner that doesn't allow people in positions of power to be facing charges like this.

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