Thursday, February 05, 2004

Well about time, Rick

Several years ago I stood up and spoke at the annual planning conference for the Secretary of State and the Registered Agent companies, urging public online access for general corporate information. I advised that it would be in keeping with world-wide practices of putting useful information at the fingertips of the public. And, I said the other states (Delaware's competitors) are doing it.

I was met with cold resistance and silence.

In today's News Journal, the Division of Corporation announced that now we have this type of public access. Hurray! I am very pleased. You can now get basic corporate existence information free and online. Other services and certain copies of documents are available online also, but at a charge. Here is a link that you may find helpful for the Division of Corporations - Online Corporate Information.

What common sense and good government could not accomplish, was accomplished by AT&T turning off the switch to the antiquated 900 phone system that the State was using for requests for this information previously. So it seems, like too many other things, the actions of bureaucrats are driven more by convenience and necessity than they are by sound progressive judgment.